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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 6, 2016

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Yesterday we talked to you about donating via Patreon to KITM, and you did! Thank you! Did you donate because we reminded you, or in the hope that we would remind you less? Well, our present goal is $15 million this yearDavid Waldman insists he doesn’t need that much, but I ran up a couple cards, so please turn a million of your friends onto the good we got here and everybody will be better for it!

Bob Dole organized Donald’s call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. This doesn’t seem the recommended, normal way of diplomacy, but bombs didn’t drop yet so maybe we’re OK? Trump still uses his phone for special occasions, but do you miss out if he blocks you on Twitter?

David discusses January 3, High Noon. The flood of trolls on his twitter feed indicates that his targeting might be close. David recommends calling your Senator, Vice President, President, Mayor to push them along on this, and other issues.

Speaking of trolls, here’s a bot that trolls Twitter’s worst Anti-Semitic trolls, and probably Anti-Semitic troll-bots as well.

More good news: This loser finally leaves. Jake Tapper deserves a drink, and a free pizza.

Bad news: This loser returns. The broken, frustrating polling system continues to be broken and frustrating.