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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 6, 2023

Against all odds, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have returned for Wednesday’s KITM. (The odds were actually pretty good.)

Donald Trump doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to be president, which of course he never has. Trump has always wanted to be a dictator, but this time Donald hopes to be less inept at becoming one. Kash Patel already has a truckload of jackboots ordered from Temu. Donald promised Sean Hannity that he’d use only the tip of his dictatorship this next time, but if he only had his Luger on him back in 2020, things would’ve been different.

Greg assures us that there are reasons for hope in these bleak times. For one thing, there is Taylor Swift. Joe Biden may be no rizz goblin, but he makes do, at least for those who prefer data over vibes.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Chesebro will take his stool on the road to pigeon for election interference investigators in Nevada and Arizona. Once a “hellraiser”, North Carolina’s Patrick McHenry looked around the House and realized that his mission had been accomplished. Kevin McCarthy can tell when he’s not wanted. Tommy Tuberville may be stupid, but no, he’s just stupid.

Apparently, Israel... kind of had their world-renowned military and intelligence attention, uhm, elsewhere when partying peaceniks got massacred, which ironically... and effectively... spurred a series of the largest retaliatory strikes in the area’s history.

Norman Lear, writer/director of one of my favorite (and Gen Z’s most incomprehensible) movies, Cold Turkey, has most productively filled 101 years.