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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 8, 2016

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If you didn’t catch KITM “live” today on one of the many fine providers of Netroots Radio programming, you can still enjoy our podcasts on YouTube! Click on a bunch of ads while you there, would it kill ya?

David Waldman reaches deep into his bag of Christmas Zeitgeist to find a story about a lad, fat-shamed by Santa Claus

One of Trump’s earliest supporters and biggest donors, Linda McMahon is tagged to head the Small Business Administration, which sure seems like pay to play. Donald Trump’s conflicts of interests remain, and will continue, and shall expand for eternity, give or take $6 million here or there. It’s not like we didn’t know that long before now. Trump’s side job, the Presidency, continues for the time being.

Dana Rohrabacher hones his Secretary of State skills cross-examining Moldovians. A guy knows the truth about John Wayne and “safe spaces”. When gun owners get greater protections in employment than anybody in the LGBT community, is it time to arm the LGBT community? For every criminal killed in self-defense with a gun, 34 innocent people die

Van Jones believes Trump sucks worse than people even know, but places Trump’s followers in a basket of adorables.

Hillary Clinton wins, and continues to win. Let’s talk about the double standard against liberal legitimacy in our politics, and discuss Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead

David continues on the details of January 3, High Noon. A lot hinges on Joe Biden, as usual.