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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 9, 2013

The traditional media's favorite game, "Both Sides" forces its way to the fore again, this time with Cokie Roberts telling NPR audiences that yes, conservative critics disgraced themselves by denouncing Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his death, but that she was pretty sure Obama was probably getting some flak from Dems upset that he was including President Bush in the delegation headed to South Africa, too. So, both sides! Greg Dworkin helps us decode it, as he always does, and leads us into discussion of the nature of advocacy journalism, and Third Way-ism. He also notes that alongside the big NYT "Invisible Child" story, there's also their story on "enhanced medical care" for New York's wealthy elite. Huzzah! Plus, for today's poll fix, a summary of the latest McClatchy/Marist survey. Armando calls in for an exchange on the "enhanced medical care" story. And that sets us up with a theme for the rest of the day, neo-libertarianism versus reality, by way of a reading of David Simon's recounting of his speech to the "Festival of Dangerous Ideas," and weekend TV news (and Daily Show) segments featuring conservative "arguments" against addressing inequality and raising the minimum wage.