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Kagro in the Morning

May 27, 2024

Another installment in our continuing series, “Are You Better Off Now, with an Episode From Four Years Ago?”

Things were very different on May 27, 2020. For one thing, it was a Wednesday. Also, there was a global pandemic, and we had the worst possible president.

Here’s how Scott Anderson described it, using the primitive tools we had available to us in those times:

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin clocked into their home offices early this morning to apply their noses to their respective sanitized KITM grindstones:

It turns out that most people want to continue to live, and would like others alive as well. A few, however, are happy to trade you for them. That is, as long as you remain docile when it comes harvest time. 100,000 dead Americans would be just the start. Donald Trump knows what a life is worth, and is shopping for a bargain.


Trump hasn’t handled the coronavirus pandemic adequately at all, ever, thus allowing straightforward tracking of his performance. Trump will continue to do everything awfully, and most expect him to destroy and endanger more. Still somehow, the election outcome remains in doubt. That’s because it’s now Democrats versus authoritarians, and authoritarians just aren’t as enthusiastic about people voting as much as Democrats are. Maga boys hated authority about a minute ago, but rekindled their love early this morning. Public lynching of computers and phones are sure to follow if they continue to refuse to let Donald lie and slander.

House Republicans so hate seeing anyone have an easy time voting, they’re filing a lawsuit against proxy voting.

In a triumph of technology, ingenuity and human determination, a man made giant, animatronic Kookaburra. Also, SpaceX will be the first private company to send people into space.