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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 23, 2021

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David Waldman and Joan McCarter! They probably talk all the time, but if you can hear it, it must be Tuesday on KITM:

Merrick Garland is doing very well in his confirmation hearings, which most of us could have guessed for half a decade now. Mr. Garland humiliated Josh Hawley by citing the horror of 1/6, but really, how many Republicans couldn’t you shame by citing the horror of 1/6? The answer is, of course, all of them, because shame is just not a thing they feel

Throw all the shame and humiliation you want at Ted Cruz, for example. He won’t feel a thing. Ted has made a career out of being the clown above the septic tank dunking booth for years now, still climbing back into his seat and begging for more. It turns out, the money’s pretty good —  so good that the FEC might want to hear a bit more.

CPAC is the place to be for “Ted Cruz”es that hope to be “Donald Trump”s. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to make “Standing” the next “Cancel/PC/Fake News” Republican nonsense-scare word, but let’s face it, she’s no Boebert when it comes to political savvy.

Ostensible Democrat Joe Manchin (Contrarian, WV) likes to throw wrenches, with particularly good aim at women of color. Manchin has a problem with a $15 minimum wage, so now it’s everyone’s problem. COVID-19 relief is moving ahead however, but Democrats need to make certain that the next round of assistance gets to everyone who needs it.

Donald Trump is guilty of pandemicide. He could have committed even more ‘cides if he put his mind to it. Many in Washington on 1/6 were ready to help. Ron Johnson didn’t see an armed insurrection, and with the exception of the bats, sticks, crossbows, guns, and bombs, he might have been correct. The Oath Keepers played a key role at the insurrection and might have had friends on the inside. One of their leaders said she was in the Capitol by invitationJessica Watkins is transgender, so you know at least that there are some inclusive white supremacist organizations available. 

The FBI did seize congressional phone data to help catch those few rioters not wearing name tags that day, being careful to not set off any constitutional sensibilities.