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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 24, 2017

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Donald Trump really wants law and order, except he doesn’t like law, and can’t find any order. Trump is mad at the FBI leaking that they were against playing down Trump’s Russia connections. The FBI is like that sometimes. David also looks into the story of yet another looney connection between this administration and the Russian mob. Is Maria Butina a wannabe, or the real deal? Either way, you heard it here first!

Common sense would dictate that more gun availability would make more guns available, increasing the chances of guns being accidently shot, increasing the chances of people being injured, increasing the chances of people dying from those injuries. Some people aren’t interested in common sense, but now there is new data for their disinterest. In Florida, gun injuries are increasing for kids, rising along with the increasing availability of firearms across the state.

An off-duty cop has a difficult time properly utilizing his not-police issued crotch holster while quelling dissent of 13 year olds. 

Gun use isn’t always accidental. Sometimes white bigots use them to shoot brown people they suspect are Middle Eastern.

Republicans vote to give police powers to arrest people planning peaceful protests, and confiscate their assets, which they are all too happy to do. Facial recognition software allows them (or anyone) to find you later.

Propaganda is now robotized and weaponized. Trump used it to win the election, and to probably stay in power… along with his usual load of old-fashioned bull-sh*t.