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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 26, 2021

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David Waldman was away for two days, but nobody could take him being gone for six, so here he is for a Friday KITM! Greg Dworkin couldn’t pass up this chance to sail his Raft o’ Stories™ back into port either. 

CPAC will never be confused with CPAP. The future of conservatism is white supremacy, bigotry, conspiracy theories, fanaticism, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Trump is putting together a super PAC to challenge anyone who has defied him. You’d think Trump and his allies would have been defeated, humiliated, and betrayed enough by now. CPAC’s Last Chairman is staying away from this year’s CPAC.

Don’t expect a Gop civil war however, when Republicans are still happily arranging a real one. Mitch McConnell will tell you that comparing Trump 2024 with any other Trump would be just impracticalAbsentee voting led to higher turnout but had no effect on the outcome of 2020 election. It took historic levels of Dem turnout to beat Trump then, so the rush is on to set up enough gerrymandering and voter suppression to insure Trump 2024. Of course Joe Biden will also be running for re-election, and hopefully will attend to democracy in the meantime. 

It was only a year ago, when Donald Trump told you that COVID-19 was going to go away, but did you believe him? Well, it is beginning to look better, in that only tens of thousands are being infected each day. 50 million vaccines have been administered. More hope to get their vaccination soon — except Republicans, natch. Nursing home infections and deaths are dropping, so maybe grandma is safe.

The Senate parliamentarian advised against including a $15 minimum wage in the upcoming COVID-19 bill, and of course Democrats took her advice. Well, maybe not all of them, but Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema did, and after all, they do run the place. As usual, Democrats are clock-watchers around quitting time. Marjorie Taylor Green is set to take over there as well. David applauds Steny Hoyer’s and Sherrod Brown’s trolling by process.

A 1/6 insurrectionist texts his girlfriend that she’s a moron, she texts the FBI that he’s a moron. She wins.

Also in crime: It seems Ted Cruz might have funneled political donations into his own pocket. Ted is practicing a catchy slogan for when he goes behind bars. If Donald Trump is to ever go to jail, a lot of people will need to go to jail first. MSB might be hanging around Mar-a-Lago for a while. A guy, who might be an actual lawyer in Texas, wants Joe Biden to become the proxy president for Donald Trump… in order to preserve democracy. How many crazy lawyers can there be, anyhow?