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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 15, 2014

Outrage about Florida theater shooting continues, and the L.A. Times weighs in with an editorial and a key observation. Greg Dworkin rounded up news of the New Mexico school shooting, and the continuing stories of Chris Christie, the Gop civil war, the West Virginia chemical spill, and that health care thingy Obama passed. New reports allege that the Florida theater shooter has a bit of a confrontational history. Joan McCarter brought us word of the Bruce Springsteen Chris Christie parody, and the Gop effort to rebrand their rebranding. The new omnibus spending bill has FOUR provisions defunding the already defunded and now non-existent ACORN, something yargle-y about lightbulbs, and bargle-y about embassy security, the Vatican, and other assorted nonsense. The state of the UI extension bill in the Senate & its many Gop poison pills. And the latest on the net neutrality case fallout. Finally, a starting look at Politico Magazine's Congressional Moneyball.