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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 16, 2014

Breaking news this morning: shooting incident in an Indiana supermarket leaves two plus the gunman dead. Greg Dworkin rounds up other news of the day: a Poynter story about Brian Krebs, who broke the Target data breach story; CREDO breaks the transparency barrier; Chris Christie lawyers up; and the still-wacko story of how journalist power couple Bill & Emma Keller ended up beating up on cancer patient and blogger Lisa Adams, as addressed by Alexandra Petri in "Enter the Concern Troll." Bruce Bartlett notes a National Journal story reporting the Koch Brothers' multi-million dollar effort to win Republican control of the Senate. What if they just treated people fairly, raised wages, etc. as a wealth protection scheme instead? News from Vancouver: a 19-year-old decides to relieve the stress of his security guard job by running through the neighborhood firing his AK-47 in the air. A dissection of Politico Magazine's "Congressional Moneyball." Jedidiah Purdy's "No One's Job: West Virginia's Forbidden Waters."