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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 21, 2014

Yet another snow day. And with a special election on to determine party control of the Virginia state senate, at that. We caught up on the latest SuperDerp from Fox News: The Five's Andrea Tantaros scolds Americans for not knowing their history. Like, for instance, not knowing "why some guy in boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea." Which of course didn't happen. But, Freedom. Armando joined for a recap on the weekend's Chris Christie news, catching us up on the inauguration, the Hoboken angle and more. We actually cobble together a credible segue (via would-be NJ pol and former Olympian Carl Lewis) to the weekend's big sports outrage story, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. We read Ta-Nehisi Coates (twice) on the subject, and then mused about what, if anything, made his boastfulness different from that of outspoken billionaires and their "prosperity gospel." Maybe it helps if you think about that in the context of this weekend NYT piece, "For the Love of Money."