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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 23, 2014

Chris Christie still in the news, and not going away, Greg Dworkin told us. Virginia's new Attorney General, Mark Herring, announces the state won't defend its same-sex marriage ban. A new Pew poll shows partisan divide on economic inequality. A roundup and explainer on the "three Rs" of the ACA: reinsurance, risk adjustment and risk corridors. Which Repblicans seem desperate to call a "bailout." And the explosive story out of Texas, where a hospital says it's being forced by state law to keep a brain dead woman alive (for 20+ weeks!) to incubate her unborn baby, against her family's wishes. Shifting gears entirely, the story of how the town where the Superb Owl<sup>TM</sup> is actually being played is getting none of the NFL love & big buck$. An unintentionally revealing almost-sorta-semi-defense of Bob McDonnell. A former coal miner says they've been dumping this stuff in the WV water forever. Hunter's take on Dick Black's apparently uncontrollable libido has a happy ending (no pun intended): he's dropping out of the VA-10 congressional race.