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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 25, 2016

Good Day! How’s it going? The great snowy south doesn’t hamper David Waldman, at least in putting together today’s KITM.

The guy who hoped to be a hero when ISIS stormed the Regal in Renton, Washington, then accidentally shot someone, follows by lying to authorities, although he might be remembering through the haze of war, Xanax, and beer.

Greg Dworkin asks: Do you know the 1 weird trait that predicts if you are a Trump supporter? (Hint: Greg told you the secret 6 years ago.) Is Trump just like Obama, in that he is the opposite? Is Iowa the first and worst step of the democratic process?

The election markets say that Trump is doing pretty good, actually is pretty unstoppable, as the rest of the Gop pack hope to tie for second.

Going into IA and NH, Hillary Clinton just has to stay cool; coming out of IA and NH, Bernie Sanders has to hope for miracles. Here is what Barack Obama thinks about Iowa, 2016, and the choice between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Ted Cruz last week said he didn’t have health insurance, blamed Obamacare, now he says he does have health insurance. Thanks, Obama.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder lied: Flint water switch was not about saving money after all, as a civil deposition reveals more information.

Impolite society has pushing and shoving, armed society kicks that up a couple notches in a feud over a $25 service fee.