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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 26, 2022

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Done with Wednesdays? David Waldman and Greg Dworkin un-Wednesday us with their usual acumen and camaraderie:

Done with COVID? COVID isn’t done with you. Omicron 2.0 is dropping in the US… Actually, it’s more like Omicron 1.2.  Persei 8 fans are still waiting. David Perdue got a dose, so did Mark Warner.

Democrats don’t close schools, COVID closes schools.

The right-wing slaughter continues. Is it murder or human sacrifice? Many of those dying certainly could not be considered “informed enough” to consent... Just remind those people to give the horse the Ivermectin first so that they in turn can receive the correct dosage. After that, they should go to the hospital and demand doctors save their life. Because then, the responsibility is on the staff. Except in Florida. No one should get sick in Florida.

It also helps to not be so ignorant. No, schools aren’t lowering tables and installing litterboxes to accommodate furries… (Don’t try to explain this to them or you’ll look just as dumb.) Jerry Falwell Jr., who probably does have a dog dish under his nightstand, believed his wife needed him to be a bit furrier

Racist moron Glenn Youngkin catered to racist morons by launching a CRT snitch line to report teachers. Strangely enough, this has also been attracting the attention of non-racist non-morons. Kristi Noem is several times as stupid and dangerous as Youngkin... after all, she has put more effort in. Misinformed and extremist is no way to go through life, but it keeps Republicans from being primaried. The people who forged and submitted false elector documents only did so as a backup plan in case they needed to cheat.