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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 27, 2016

David Waldman has dug his way out of the snow and brings us another KITM:

David, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter bring us the latest Bundypalooza news. There will be news updates and analysis throughout the day from many sources, but here is where you can get the KITM take on events.

Greg Dworkin cogently describes the incoherence of the Republicans in the last few days before the Iowa Caucus, after which he will finally a chance to analyze incoming results. Hillary Clinton’s lead shrinks, but she is still smooth sailing.  For all of its importance and attention, hardly anybody will be voting in the IA Caucus. Conservatives make a last minute decision of whether to back Trump or the Republican. Is Trump more malleable, can Cruz really mean what he says? Has the conservative crackup finally arrived? Republicans wonder why they didn’t stop Trump earlier. How much power will whoever is elected really wield

Joan McCarter reports from the front on the war between Trump and Fox. Trump issues his declaration of independence. Here is the story of a reporter caught in the tentacles of the Kochtopus. Utah goes to Idaho to talk about freedom. 

Babysitters shoot a toddler and get probation, $200 fine.