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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 28, 2020

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On to the final day of opening “arguments” from the “president’s” “defense!” (That’s a lot of scare quotes, but that’s life in the Trump Era.)

Joan McCarter joins us in covering what’s happened, and previewing what’s to come. Has there been any real change in the question of whether or not the Senate might be open to calling witnesses? Not if history is any guide. Legal strategists ponder calling on Chief Justice Roberts to issue subpoenas himself. Others are not so sure that works—but hell, try anything! Dershowitz dazzles Republicans by cohabiting their weird little bubble and pretending to be baffled by standards he claims would lead to every president being impeached. But they won’t.

In other news, Pompeo remains embroiled in his unwarranted and lie-filled temper tantrum, in service of the moron who actually can’t read maps. The DCCC rolls out its first Red-to-Blue slate of the election year, as word comes that they’re leaving the NRCC in the dust. Do elections still seem to far off in the future for you? Down in Texas, today’s the first election of 2020.