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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 30, 2023

David Waldman is ALIVE and LIVE today, broadcasting from the isolation wing of KITM World Headquarters, back after a week out sick with the Covid! David always could have gone with something trendy but he stuck with the classics. A healthy 400 miles away, Greg Dworkin pilots a superraft of stories into dock. 

Norms! Not a problem for Republicans, but they can keep even popular Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul from getting the judge she wants. That infighting is nothing compared to the ruptured Republicans. No one is buying what they’re selling, because they're bad politicians with bad policies. Even the best products fail without a good sales staff. World's worst salesman/criminal, Donald Trump continues to elude law enforcement.

Of course, Trump had plenty of accomplices. The Republican controlled House should have hearings on how corrupt FBI agents teamed with the mainstream media in an effort to weaponize government... but what are the chances of that? Plenty of dots connect Russia to scumbag Charles McGonigal, to Paul Manafort to Trump. The dots are almost big enough to connect themselves.