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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 31, 2020

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David Waldman brings us to the weekend, as Donald Trump heads into his super bowel interview victory lap.  Maybe Hannity will tell him who’s playing. The impeachment sham trial has an end, but not an exoneration. The facts will keep coming out and justice will prevail. For instance, now we can finally impeach Ronald Reagan!

Well, it could be worse. We all could be on the Doomsday Glacier with the Wuhan flu, or live in England. Actually, it feels like all of that stuff keeps coming towards us. Over and over again. Well, you know what goes around comes around... Oh, Democrats will bring it back most of the way, but we can rely on Republicans to make up the slack when it is their turn. When reality keeps slapping you around, it does become hard to live in the reality-based community.

If Trump’s impeachment wasn’t about “policy differences” after all, what was it about? It was about "Do us a favor, though."

Ok, Lamar. Lamar Alexander kept his head off a pike. Alexander tweeted many reasons, which apparently even he didn’t bother to read twice. All of the rest of the Gop cowards are scheduled to fall in line today. Will John Roberts finish calling balls and strikes and break a tie, or will he just cut his humiliation and go home?

No one can say Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff didn’t do a great job. This. is. not. the… case. with. Pam... Bondi. Anyhow, who would’ve guessed Hunter Biden was related to Joe? More importantly, what did Burisma do that was wrong, and what did it do with Hunter, or Trump? And what is Burisma still doing with Cofer Black, Coordinator for Counterterrorism, contender for Director of Trump’s CIA, Director of Blackwater, and maybe Hunter’s regular fishing buddy?