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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 31, 2022

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin spent most of the first hour discussing this guy that runs some competing podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience. It seems that Mr. Rogan got into trouble disseminating COVID disinformation, primarily because Dr. Dworkin is not on his staff, but also because Joe’s been cutting corners, trying to pull the whole show together on his own for a measly $100 million per year. The crazy thing is, even with a pretty popular, regularly produced podcast, Joe Rogan remains a sorely misunderstood guy, apparently with some hippies that his boss Spotify has a thing for. Joe being the regular, decent guy he is, promises to apply himself a bit more, and “just ask questions” more carefully, or something.

If Joe Rogan can only get everyone on the same page, the COVID-19 pandemic will cease to be the most polarizing crisis in America. Until then, the media will feel the need to gently both-sides fragile anti-vaxxers to safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates rational precautions which some rational people might listen to.

Meanwhile, a caravan of illegals crossed over into Canada to protest big government and find another teat to suck on. Justin Trudeau did catch COVID, but will not die from it, thanks to Canadian healthcare.

Democracy continues to die from a thousand small cuts applied in local governments across the country. Democrats are patching a few wounds up. For the time being, Donald Trump, while losing in the courts, is still out there fomenting as hard as he can. Donald offered any sedition or insurrection on his behalf to be rewarded. Trump hopes to give Mike Pence a second chance too, on the gallows.

Improving the Supreme Court could help, but Susan Collins is concerned Lindsey Graham has a local fave.

Russia and the US have reached Godwin’s Law in discussions at the UN. Putin might call off an attack if we talk to his bosses.