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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 31, 2023

David Waldman is feeling a little less positive today. That’s good, at least when it comes to Covid. President Joe Biden isn’t so positive that COVID-19 is such a big deal anymore, at least when it comes to handing out benefits.

Republican’s actuarial arbitrage comes to a close on Covid, although trading remains brisk on how former the Former Guy could get soon. Not just the GQP, but the FBI and the NYT might also be checking their calendars and their watches wondering when the pressure will finally come down. 

Alas, Donald isn’t going anywhere soon. Once again, we need to reexamine the web of Trump’s Russian collusion, from Oleg Deripaska to Paul Manafort, with a long, sad stop at dirtbag Charles McGonigal.

George Santos isn’t going away as long as his lies keep catching up with him, and they are legion. Kevin McCarthy is being punished and humiliated each moment by Santos, which is sort of his lot in life. So, is George recusing himself from committees a bow to McCarthy’s steadfast moral compass, or is he just keeping Kev around a while longer to prolong his agony?

Joan McCarter is here to help tear at Republican ruptures, although they are doing just fine on their own. Dems can sit back and enjoy the show.