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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 12, 2022

Today, the January 6 Select Committee meets again for the 7th installment of their hit true crime series. In fact, they are meeting as I type this. David Waldman preps us for today’s hearings, therefore you owe it to yourself to tune in. Pause the hearings or run the subtitles, multitask for America!

Fox News doesn’t need to watch today’s hearings, they already know where they’re going with this. The rest of us need a scorecard to keep all of our terrorists, warlords, and violent militias apart. Of course, they’re all slightly different flavors of the same kind of people ready to kill to win an argument. Are these groups really “all that bad” though? After all, some are good God-fearingmarried men, love their kids, support their communities, and could be possible role models outside of the brutal traitorous insurrection. Imagine if Donald Trump actually led them down the Senate halls. Worse yet, imagine if Trump didn’t need the mob.