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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 14, 2022

David Waldman returns today from his local tour of giant statues honoring intermediate presidents, including a quick stop at the Senator Robert A. Taft Carillon. Not yet installed: The Senator Ted Cruz Swine Pavillion, and Senator Josh Hawley Transphobia Odeum.

KITM Anglophiles, Yankee Brexiteers and Boris haters have questions, and Greg Dworkin is here with the answers, and the polls!

Update:  The Republican story on the 10-year-old Ohio girl raped and pregnant first was "It's all a lie!", then, "Maybe she's a slut?", then, "Oh, so her rapist was an illegal alien!", to "We should probably execute her doctor." Stay tuned!

The Herald-Tribune do have standards but can’t help it if their writers’ are too low, or their readers’ are too high. Fairfax County police drew guns on a juvenile recording on smartphone, because no one knows more than cops just how much pain those things can cause.

It turns out that Mark Meadows caused all those bad things on January 6. Could Steven KG Bannon and Donald Trump be partially to blame for not reigning him in when they had the chance? Lindsey Graham, Juris Doctor, gets law-schooledThe Proud Boys, QAnon and The Oath Keepers all went where they were aimed. Senators in both parties who want to prevent the next Jan. 6 are not waiting for the select panel’s verdict.