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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 18, 2022

It’s Monday! But it’s not just any Monday, but a KITM Monday! And that gets you David Waldman and Greg Dworkin and tranches and rafts and other loads of information and such!

Things are heating up in the UK! Tories despise each other and yet are very boring in their hatred. They sure miss Donald Tr… Boris Johnson now!

Things are heating up in the UK! Fahrenheit or Celsius, 43 degrees is not beach weather, and one day 40C will seem cool. Meanwhile, Britain’s idea of hurricane weather reporters throw themselves into the sun.

The big finale of everyone’s favorite True Crime series, the January 6 Committee Hearings is this Thursday, prime time… But wait! There’s more! Season Two has been greenlighted through the Fall sweeps. Steve KG Bannon promises to be a memorable villain, but there are many more criminals to still introduce, including old favorites like Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, special guest Maria Butina and of course the whole Secret Service gang.

Donald Trump hopes to hole up in the Oval Office again and might need to throw the Republican midterms under the bus in order to get one more chance at finally keeling over someplace where the toilets have lids. The problem for Donald is the Republicans are planning on tossing him under said bus.

Voters under 35 want to shake things up in America, but most just find it hard to find a voting booth. Libertarians have always been annoying, but now they’re insufferable. John Fetterman succeeds because John Fetterman will be better for his constituents.

A gunman killed 3 in an Indiana mall.  A gun man killed him. That equals 4. No word yet on how many good guys were in the mall at the time. Uvalde, Texas had around 400 non-civilian armed good guys standing by to listen to a guy shoot students and teachers, while discouraging loiterers

An armed society is a polite society isn’t just an aphorism to the guy holding a gun.

If your self-worth is based on your self-image of being a “Christian”, but you realize that your actions aren’t Christian, then you only have two choices - to turn your back on your faith, or, to turn your back on the truth. Republicans do both. Tucker Carlson, who is the devil, has become their hypocrisy salvation. Rape and Incest rely upon 10-year-old girls who don't get pregnant and keep their mouths shut, but you know sometimes the unforeseen happens and people die. Therefore, no abortion. Not from rape or incest. And, no adoption.