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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 19, 2022

Good news, both David Waldman and Joan McCarter set their alarms for KITM o’clock today!

The January 6 Prime Time Committee hearings will have at least 2 more disillusioned Trump White House aides, Mathew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews, testifying on Thursday. The Committee’s intent is always to leave us wanting more, which is fine as long as they can keep coming back. Merrick Garland doesn’t want to make waves before the election, which is fine as long as he is actually planning to after the election.

Democrats voted to protect access to abortion on Friday, and the Biden administration is stepping in to remind pharmacies that withholding birth control is illegal. The forced birther nightmare is just beginning, however.

The heat is breaking records in Britain and throughout Europe. It’s pretty hot in the US as well. The AC in Joe Manchin’s Maserati and yacht is just fine, thanks for asking. Chuck Schumer is only Senate Leader, not a coal mine board director, so why should Manchin listen to him? No Democrat has time to make deals with Mitch McConnell with all of the federal judicial positions vacant... If only they had time to fill a few SCOTUS seats too.

A constitutional crisis brews in Pennsylvania, with three counties still refusing to certify accurate results. Ohio’s Supreme Court says Ohio’s GQP-backed congressional map is unconstitutional, but they said that last election also. (The Constitution never stops Ohio Republicans.) The Associated Press officially found no problems with ballot boxes and of course no conservative F’s will be given. The Wisconsin Supreme Court says ballot drop boxes are just like North Korea and Syria. Jimmy Carter and James Baker will tell you that the Electoral Count act needs reform, but former North Carolina Chief Justice Mark Martin (No, not the NASCAR driver) was the guy who told Donald Trump that Mike Pence could overturn the election, and lawyer William Olson (No, not the director of 1986’s Rockin’ Road Trip) told Trump to declare martial law. The January 6 mob wasn’t just hunting for Pelosi and Pence, they wanted to destroy ballots too. Sure, there were copies, but who’d believe that?