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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 25, 2018

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David Waldman enjoys telling you things you might not know from angles you might not have considered, and he also enjoys hearing new things from new angles as much as the other guy, whomever that might be. Therefore, we all enthusiastically welcome Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter with their things and angles every Wednesday:

The first episode of Donald Trump and Michael Cohen’s podcast (Brought to you by Coke) is out, and with two that crooked, you know there’ll be all sorts of angles to consider.  

Brian Kemp is a winner in Trump’s book, perhaps the kind of winner Georgia is getting sick of having. Democrats are energized, angry and votingThe Blue Wave builds as voters become interested in governance in their representatives. It also helps that Democrats represent the majority of people, voters are catching on about Trump, and it might be tougher for the Russians to interfere this time.  

Pitting journalists against combat vets as the president did yesterday, benefits no one, and that’s what Donald did, as he reminds everyone to never believe what they see or hear.

Fine, Trump will stop telling you what he says to foreign leaders. You wouldn’t believe how stupid he is anyhow. He also doesn’t need you to believe that he will pay $12 billion to farmers, he just has to get on the record as saying it.

Congress is making sure that the Supreme Court will make the President the boss of them. What are the Senate Republicans trying to cover up for Brett Kavanaugh? Democrats in turn work to pull the covers off. Trump stooge and Senate anachronism Susan Collins calibrates her umbrage for the precise balance between “concern” and acquiescence

A pair of first-time female candidates—one a prominent gun control activist, one a college professor (and a former co-worker of David Waldman)—won the Democratic nomination for two suburban Atlanta congressional seats! Hooray!