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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 27, 2020

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin don’t contend with snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night, but at least they deliver KITM on time.

Donald Trump isn’t even not president yet and he’s receding from public consciousness. Oh, he’s still around, and he’s still awful, but he’s lit so many fires that it’s all just one conflagration, and you can hardly see him for the flames. Voters know a vote for Joe Biden is a vote against the inferno more than anything else.

There has NEVER been a boat parade for Joe, though…  and, if there wasn’t an ongoing pandemic, vicious occupying armies, an historic economic crisis, and Donald Trump as a candidate, conventional wisdom would hold that the presidential race should be tightening about now, but… Trump is losing Florida as bad as Ron DeSantis, and no one has worked harder to lose Florida than Ron DeSantis. Trump is spread thin, however, by also losing in Michigan, Arizona, and North Carolina. Anywhere coronavirus is winning, Republicans are losing. Even old white people don’t like to get burnt so often.

Public health failures, ironically, will continue to take down the popularity of the people that made public health political.  Schools opening will soon close, unfortunately because children and teachers will soon become sick. And don’t get me started on USPS delays, this is the second week I missed my Friday night Netflix movie... Damn Postmaster Generalmulti-million-dollar major Trump donor, Louis DeJoy!

The White House still continues to spend every working day on solving the pandemic… 15 minutes of every working day. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien isn’t invited to the meetings.

Politics continue to be rough and tumble. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez handed Ted Yoho his ass, and Ted in turn handed in his resignation to Bread for the World. Former Senator Chris Dodd goes old-school on Kamala Harris for taking a chunk out of Joe in a debate.

Donald Trump is running the country like he ran Trump University, and as usual, no one is learning a damn thing. The U.S. Ambassador to Iceland knows how much people hate the Trump administration, but doesn’t quite understand how little people really care about him.