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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 27, 2021

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Let’s join David Waldman in making the most of today’s show, shall we?

California will require state employees to get vaccinated, and so will New York. If you are anywhere not vaccinated, you shouldn’t go in a bar or restaurant. (And, you should get vaccinated.) About a million rugged individualistic ovine bikers are herding into Sturgis, South Dakota next week.

Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympic team gymnastic finals, opening the way for a Russian gold medal. Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly open a bottle of champagne. 

Kristen Sinema, who has no values, does have a mutual attachment with No Labels, who are the Members Only of political organizations, still around for no apparent reason.  Reverends Jesse Jackson and William Barber, along with 37 others with values, were arrested protesting in Sinema’s office yesterday.

A bipartisan commission is finally looking into what happened at the Capitol on January 6. Republicans know it’s time to pull the cords on the rhetorical dynamite strapped to their chests, while plotting revenge on the disloyal. Last night they lit the fuse on a privileged resolution to demand that Nancy Pelosi seat all of Kevin McCarthy’s selections to the committee, which quickly fizzled and went out. Finally, we can hear descriptions of all that PDA put on the record.

Arizona Senate liaison Ken Bennett can liaise all he wants, but no one’s letting him attend to the fraudit anymore. The Pennsylvania GQP wants some of that old Trump chaos over in their state. The people worried that Anthony Fauci might have been Red Chinese the last 40 years, bought themselves a brand new Chinese Freedom Phone.

The Dixie fire, Bootleg fire, Crater Ridge fire, and many, many others pump smoke and ash across the country as climate change plays out before our eyesJoan McCarter has more than one reason to mask up. Meanwhile, it’s still infrastructure week. Republicans understand that if anything goes well for anyone ever, and it’s not Donald Trump, then it’s a Democratic win, and that just can’t happen. Now would be a very good time for Schumer and Pelosi to cancel August recess.