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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 28, 2022

David Waldman and... Greg Dworkin’s raft of stories... and, even haiku.

Surprise! Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumerand the White House have reached a sweeping, $740 billion reconciliation deal. Manchin must have finally tired of jerking around Schumer and the Democrats, and decided to play with Mitch McConnell and the Republicans instead. Historic climate, tax and healthcare legislation now awaits Joe Biden and Kyrsten Sinema’s signoff. Mitch and the gang of course vow revenge, which is the one thing they’re usually good at. Perhaps not this time, as Democrats have no-brainer votes and Republicans are attempting no-brainer attacks.

For instancechip makers’ stocks have rallied as the Senate voted to advance the U.S. chip infrastructure bill. Kevin McCarthy said some stuff, then Barack Obama tweeted, and really… is there a comparison?

The Department of Justice obtained a new warrant to search John Eastman’s phone, which they couldn’t do unless they have something really good on something really bad.

The DOJ is investigating Donald Trump, which you know is just like something Vladimir Putin would do. Putin would probably be a little quicker about it, however. Trump says he’s going to sue CNN, which is a big lie. Republicans are just about ready to move on to some new grifter

Voters are moving on from Republicans and taking their donations with them. Some more wins for Biden should move a few more. Trump has millions in donations, isn’t spending them on the midterms, but hasn’t figured out how to take it with him. J.D. Vance wishes people would just hand him money for doing nothing.

Republicans block VA healthcare and disability benefits. They prefer soldiers who die quicker. General Mark Milley went to Mike Pence on January 6 because he needed someone man enough to make a decision, and Mike was better than nothing.

David returns to California’s new gun control law, which is patterned after Texas’ anti-abortion law19 people accidentally shot themselves in the last 30 days in Indianapolis, because there are a lot of guns in Indianapolis.