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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 29, 2021

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For we were podcast-less —  and on this day, David Waldman podcasted unto us, and verily, greet we also Greg Dworkin, bearing his Thursday Raft of Trueth™:

Which sign of the apocalypse is Mike Lindell? Probably one of the last ones. Marjorie Traitor Greene promotes her unending self-stewardship drive. A Muslim-free gun range closed in Oklahoma, caps-locked to the end.

Coronavirus continues to plague the US, particularly in heavily moronic areas. This is concerning to the GQP, as their constituents, indeed most of them, are morons. The Capitol Police are expected to arrest maskless morons soon. Thomas Massie and Chip Roy believe they have more morons than the cops can handle, but many might be just pretending to be morons to keep up their Republican bona fides. Charlie Kirk continues to fight for COVID deaths, even after the timely loss of his TPUSA co-founder. Do morons promote racism, or visa-versa?

COVID Aid programs are spurring a (temporary) record drop in poverty. Red states are eager to see things back to normal.  Meanwhile, something’s going well in the UK, but nobody’s sure why.

Steve Bannon knew what was coming on January 6.  Mo Brooks knew. Jim Banks... just found out? Andrew Clyde is certain that he will never know, and you can't make him. The Fraternal Order of Police is suddenly quiet.

Chuck Schumer and the G10 have arrayed all 50 Senate Democrats, just like that, and the infrastructure bill moves forward, right over the former guy. 

Donald Trump endorsed indicted incumbent Ken Paxton over that one Bush for Texas AG, because, really, who likes an ass-kisser? Donald, of course. But with so many to choose from… Mitch McConnell is getting sick of winning.