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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 29, 2022

David Waldman finishes out July’s KITMs before beginning our birthday countdown. Well, his and my birthday, and Armando’s…

CNN took the Pulse of the People recently, and at least one of those pulses belonged to a KITM fan! Back in the day David himself would attend CNN pie fights, of which somehow no video exists… just some fond, and some very not fond memories.

Joe Manchin just delivered some of the best news in the Joe Biden presidency, of course this follows his delivery of most of the bad news these last 18 months. A Republican conniption of parliamentary fuckery ensued, which has even the normally unflappable Susan Collins concerned.

Pennsylvania's elections agency sued three Republican-controlled county election boards to force them to report primary ballots with “undated exterior envelopes” (which actually were dated by the post office).

The Army vet accused of attacking Lee Zeldin still remains in jail, which seems to be longer than Zeldin or his buddy, the District Attorney, wanted him in there.

U.S. Secret Service Director James Murray thought he’d stick around awhile and watch the place burn down before retirement. There are now missing January 6 texts from the Department of Homeland Security.