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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 7, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present another in a series of fine July KITMs. Collect them all! 

If you were hoping to take your family out to see America’s Stonehenge this summer... you’re good to go. Check out the alpaca farm. However, the other America’s Stonehenge, AKA the Georgia Guidestones, were always held suspect by Republicans, as they were written in 8 languages without spelling errors. They blew that one up.

Boris Johnson finally Bor-exited as the UK prime minister. Johnson was a lot like Donald Trump, but never became Trump, because Britain isn’t the United States.

Over here, hearings will examine Donald Trump’s ties to terrorists and right-wing extremists. Lindsey Graham might have turned himself inside out one too many times. Pat (pats his bologna) Cipollone will testify before the January 6 committee. Therefore, Republicans vow to investigate the investigators for investigating.

Boris Johnson won’t be able to get any British to pay up to $4,000 to hear him speak on tour like Trump can and does with ‘mericans. Is that a Trump thing, or a USA thing? Two former Trump FBI chiefs, James Comey and Andrew McCabe, were audited by the IRS, probably because it was the least criminal revenge Donald could come up with.

The Highland Park massacre was an all-American crime, as was the shooter’s MAGA and militia affiliations.

Seven of eight nationwide polls have showed higher support for Democrats lately. Good news if it changes votes.

Christmas in July — Santa was arrested at the Mall.