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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 8, 2022

David Waldman delivers us to Friday, although admittedly, Friday did meet us halfway.

Shinzo Abe (or perhaps Abe Shinzo), Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, has been assassinated. Those who don’t understand why or how Abe could be gunned down in Japan will have the opportunity for interesting research this weekend.

More gun stories: UPS stops doing business with “ghost gun” retailers, notably those calling their business Ghost Firearms.  It’s tough to disagree when a computer says you committed a crime. That is why police who don’t like being disagreed with use ShotSpotter, altering results when ShotSpotter disagrees with them.

Michael Flynn, spy, is being penalized by the Army for failing to disclose the money he picked up talking to various foreign entities, including of course, Vladimir Putin.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh discovered a privacy right not identified or listed in the Constitution that pertained to him

Roy Moore didn’t get the joke of Sacha Baron Cohen’s perfectly accurate pedophile detector, but his judges did.

Idaho Republican Vito Barbieri may not be as dumb as Roy Moore, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, or even Louie Gohmert, but he sure asks dumb questions.