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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 1, 2022

Crazy, but that's how it goes! Millions of people, living as foes… David Waldman calls us all aboard the KITM Express Train of Thought today, and we’re barreling through all the stops:

The Supreme Court is destroying the United States… at least the “United” part… the States are set to destroy each other, as Originalism revives the Articles of Confederation and obliterates the Constitution.

Donald Trump knew that had he marched on the capitol, leading rioters onto the Senate floor, it would be the greatest moment of his career — His television career. Therefore, Donald fought like he never fought before... which, let’s face it, is not awfully hard. If only his “Mike Lindell walking sandals” had been delivered, Trump was prepared to trade any number of heads for his chance to make his beautiful perfect point. However, it was lunch time...

You can trust what Cassidy Hutchinson says. You can’t trust what Tony Ornato says. On all of the important points you don’t have to trust either, there’s plenty of other witnesses.

Ginni Thomas said she cannot wait to meet with Jan. 6 committee. Ginni has nothing to hide! No, maybe… Well, no.

If cops enjoyed following laws and being criticized, they wouldn’t have chosen to be cops, now would they? The Uvalde mom who saved her kids by challenging the authority of police and followed up by telling the media is being taught that lesson.

People in drag, like people in sports, are really only here to entertain us.

Putin says he won’t miss Finland, but Vlad certainly is going to miss its border protecting most of Russia’s nuclear weaponry

Because of supply chain issues, “no return” policies are becoming “just keep it” policies.