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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 25, 2021

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Fridays are often about focusing on a couple big stories on our way into the weekend, and this Friday is no exception.

Tops on the list today: New details about who knew what, heading into January 6th. Speaking of which, the House select committee idea is back on, again.

Next up: New details about the mostly pretty stupid-sounding plan to totally infiltrate and totally upend Democratic politics nationwide by… giving some money to the Wyoming Democratic Party, or whatever. Like I said, it’s mostly pretty stupid-sounding. But this is what they do.

Stupid-sounding or not, sometimes you’ve gotta keep an eye on these dumbasses.

Side note: public gunplay rarely works out the way people think it will, and when it goes wrong, it often goes wrong in just the terrible ways frequently predicted.

Historian Thomas Zimmer offers an unique look at Republican resistance to the Juneteenth holiday. It reminds him of post-war German resistance (well, West German resistance, anyway) to marking May 8th as VE Day. But at least the Germans had a point. They lost World War II. But American Republicans won the Civil War. So what’s the problem? (OK, we all know what the problem is.)