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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 28, 2016

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David Waldman, still euphoric from Icelandic victories and yogurt, brings us today’s KITM.

Greg Dworkin brings us more on Brexit. Why the new nationalists are taking over. Will this help Donald Trump? No, it will further demonstrate the superiority of Hillary Clinton’s ideas, as each day’s polling shows. Maybe if Trump followers war whoop harder it might convince voters? What’s wrong with a genetic purity test for political candidates? Experts determine Donald Trump is lying about money. At the moment Clownstick is winning in Texas by single digits. Trump’s chances now rest on bears and meteors. Gop campaigns may have found the bus to throw Donald Trump under.

The Supreme Court makes its biggest decision on abortion in decades. Why did Justice Anthony Kennedy assist in this historic decision?

Armando Armandosplains the Supreme Court abortion access law decision in a three part, one hour conversation with David. Only on KITM will you find this sort of analysis of the history, philosophy, and politics around the decision, as well as a discussion of the institution vs. the individual in America. “Common sense” prevails in the Supreme Court decision. The remarkably unchanging American split on abortion.

On The Media presented a show devoted to bridging the gap over guns in America and how the media can better understand “both sides”,  which was comprehensive in every respect other than the omission of the wealth of data and perspective offered by this show, and David Waldman. Lucky you, as a fan of this show you have the key to understanding it all.