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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 28, 2017

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Pre-existing conditions (i.e. being designed by a-holes to benefit a-holes) caught up with Trumpcare, albeit temporarily. So, that’s the big news today distracting us from Trump and Russia. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin assure us that Trumpcare isn’t going away.  Remember —  all politics is local or at least your politician will be, this 4th of July. Time to get in your senator’s, governor’s mayor’s, and aldermen’s faces. Even masters of escape might have a hard time at parades.

Mitch McConnell might have had too much strategy and not enough savvy when he decided on secrecy for his entire bill processJust 17 percent of Americans approve the bill, so even the Morans that could read a POS poll knew it was time to bail. With a tax-cut bill that does nothing to help real people in their hands, Republicans are overcoming their fear of Trump, at least for now

A new poll has Dems rising to 48%, D+10. Those independents you unfriended some months ago are beginning to see the light.  The Gop rejects Conservatism, so conservatives should be looking elsewhere also.

Rex Tillerson and James Mattis didn’t understand their job as following behind Jared Kushner with a broom and shovel, so maybe they aren’t a good fit for the Trump administration. Donald Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, has a firm that steered millions in donations to family members, so he’s right at home.

Joan McCarter tells us how it all went awry for Trumpcare, and for Mitch McConnell, who lost by losing. Donald made some senators tell him what happened, and he completely, 100% understood, believe him. Anyhow, there are people who understand health care a lot less than him.

You bought your boss a fake magazine cover with his picture, but at least he didn’t hang it up in the break room.