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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 28, 2022

As the surprise witness at today’s January 6th committee hearing, it was tough for me to get a live show produced today. But with Joan McCarter’s help, we got the job done!

OK, you caught me. The witness was one Cassidy Hutchinson, a top staffer to Mark Meadows, last seen giving recorded testimony to the committee, naming names of Members of Congress who sought pardons from TFG after January 6.

Observers of the hearings are starting to piece together the connective tissue between January 6th and… everything else those rotten bastards were connected with, as Eastman has his phone seized, the Trumplettes are caught plotting on their phones, and disgraced CO elections clerk (and data thief) Tina Peters says Lauren Boebert egged her on.

Russia’s latest atrocity renews consideration of whether Russia is really a thing at all. I mean, real countries pay their debts. Did Russia pay its debt? Maybe, maybe not! What’s it to you? How would you even know? Maybe your computer is wrong!

I’m not sure if we heard Joan McCarter’s very soul scream aloud when we shared the latest news about Senate Judiciary Committee Dems and those goddamned blue slips. But I kind of think so. Luckily, we were able to counter that with the news that Susan Collins was apparently mocked viciously within the Trump White House for being such an easy mark on… well, everything! Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy begs everyone to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Speaking of the SCOTUS, things have gotten so bad, the dissents from the latest terrible decisions have resorted to dealing on a wholesale basis, knowing that pictures are worth a thousand words.

Joan has always known who’s to blame for this garbage, of course. The Court being what it is, there’s no easy way out. The remedies remain the same. In the meantime, we’ll have to accept the small steps forward where we can find them. Even if we need a microscope.