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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 29, 2016

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It’s David Waldman Day on KITM!  It’s also Greg Dworkin Day and Joan McCarter Day! You just can’t pack more interesting stuff into two hours, so be sure to warm up your link finger!

Greg Dworkin rounds up the news, views, pundits, and polls: Hillary Clinton keeps knocking “the steam” out of Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump is countering by attacking Republican economic principles. Trump supporters don’t like free trade, but really aren’t that big of fans of black people or much of anything in between. Donald Trump’s advisor and warm up act has been battling multiculturalism since high school. So, now is a good time for Barack Hussein Obama to hit the campaign trail.

Donald Trump, how does it feel to be losing so badly?

It is hard to find rational solutions for gun violence in the American press, good thing these people speak english. Harvard debunks the old standby of guns for personal defense.

Joan McCarter has a lot to talk about today: Paul Ryan tries poisoned partisanship on the Democrats. Senate Republicans toe the line and blockade Obama JudgesLook out, Sen. Richard Burr, Democrat Deborah Ross is nipping at your heels. Yay, “common sense” prevails in the Supreme Court’s abortion decision.

David looks into a few trending #gunFAIL stories: A 6 year old boy was shot at the Grand