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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 27, 2015

A veritable parade of guest voices today! First, the big news of Harry Reid's retirement. Greg Dworkin discusses that, and rounds up headlines on the Senate budget vote-a-rama (and the impact of the race for the White House on it), House passage of the "doc fix" bill, and just for fun, a story out of left field about maple syrup. And, uh, "maple water," God help us. Next, Rosalyn MacGregor's Michigan update, which we botched live, but have "digitally remastered" for the podcast! Gov. Snyder short-circuits school reform, the MI House OKs "religious" discrimination against gay adoption, while their Senate approves a "choose life" vanity license plate scheme that funnels state dollars to anti-abortion activists. Meteor Blades dropped in to discuss developments in the nuclear talks with Iran. And Armando also joined in to discuss Harry Reid, and briefly, breaking news on a California concealed carry case.