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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 27, 2017

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David Waldman brings us another fact, laugh and idea filled KITM today—thanks to you, our supporters! Keep it up, and David won’t have to tape his headphones together!

Greg Dworkin examines the hugest debacle amongst the chaos. Did Trump create this massive disaster in only 18 days, or was this the giant fiasco the Republican party brought to the nation over time, along with Trump? It took seven years to come up with this crap simply because no one in the party could come up with anything better. What are the lessons from the Health Care Repeal Collapse that we can learn?

Also—Paul Ryan is very bad at his job, and doesn’t understand policy. Saying Ryan understands policy is a strong indication you do not. You know who did do it right? The Obama administration. Even Tom Cotton can tell you that. Republicans are now looking across the aisle with more than a little bipartisan curiosity. However, many of their constituents are still happy to dig the hole deeper, even when they bury themselves. Obviously, blue lies matter to them.

Every kind of lie that works is a good lie for Donald. Is that because he’s a real estate developer? Or because he’s just a dick? Speaking of, Boris Epshteyn will be leaving his position of accurate representative of the Trump administration. Other Trump staffers are wiping their phones in preparation for their abrupt title changes. Jared Kushner secretly met with a Russian bank to talk about oh, nothing much. Ivanka Trump is quickly moving to a secure phone, limo service and free HBO. Even Donald’s been checking in on his side jobs, just in case.

Can Trump manage to reorganize the executive branch, or entirely destroy it in 100 days?

Forget Hope Hicks, how does Rhona Graff do it?