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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 28, 2017

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Let’s not bother with Donald P. Trump today. He’ll probably be around tomorrow, who knows? In the meantime David Waldman checks out the dumpster fires already set ablaze.

Republicans seem to be really bad at their jobs, unless you consider that their voters didn’t hire them to govern. If they’re lucky they can shut the whole place down in under 100 days.

The Russia scandal has reached the Trump family, as the Trump family has reached out to Russia for years. Some people are puzzled by Paul Manafort’s real estate purchasesOleg Deripaska is less puzzled by his $10 million per year employee.

Devin Nunes holds down his two jobs as US employee and Trump snitch, by multitasking close by on White House grounds. Nunes and Michael Flynn connected the dots with Turkey, which Sally Yates could have told you if someone let her. There is still plenty of black money burning holes in Russian pockets, although Russia is a bit distracted with its citizens protesting. Alexei Navalny goes to Russian jail.

Ivanka Trump can’t ski forever without getting some piece of the action, so she ran some Trump tentacles over to Azerbaijan.