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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 30, 2017

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Mike Pence won’t have sex with another woman or man unless his wife is present and there is alcohol provided. David Waldman will not be the first to break that video to the public as the KITM video feed is short on funding. Donate!

Greg Dworkin orders new headphones after fighting static interruptions one last time today. Congratulations to Charles Gaba, who won the National Institute for Health Care Management Digital Media Award for his charting of the healthcare coverage breakout for the entire U.S. population. Independents continue to abandon Trump. Did “working-class whites” switch from Obama to Trump because the economy was better, or are they just taking one for the team? Paul Ryan warns the Gop Trump only cares about winning and will screw them as hard as anyone else. The bizarre lawsuit that could still blow up the ACA insurance markets, has many complications to slow up Trump.

Armando calls in to discuss political sausage making. Sen. Claire McCaskill sees many potential problems in blocking Neil Gorsuch, Sheldon Whitehouse wants to just rip the bandage off and get on with it. Giving them the Scalia seat will not put them in the mood to give us the Ginsburg seat.

There were ethical problems with Ivanka Trump wanting an office, security clearance and such, so Donald fixed that right away. No, she’s not divesting