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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 31, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us Wednesday! Maybe Wednesday brought them… Either way, it works out for us:

It’s Infrastructure Week! For real! No big trucks for President Joe to go vroom-vroom in, but some actual plans. Republicans don’t plan to vote for any of it but do plan to take credit for all of it… and talk about transgender girls.

Hey, have you been vaccinated yet? Anecdotes abound suggesting redder’s better if you are looking for a denied vaccine surplus. More people are willing to take vaccines... Is that because more people have been willing to take vaccines?  

Pfizer’s vaccine is safe and effective in children as young as 12. Satisfaction with the U.S. vaccine rollout is surging. Unfortunately, so is the pandemicDefiance of public health guidance is the Republican’s deadly virus. The Trumpiest country left on Earth, Brazil, might soon succumb to COVID-19.

Peter Navarro, nut job, ran a shadow Operation Warp Speed in the previous administration. Probably everybody did.

Tucker Carlson, Jeffrey Epstein and Matt Gaetz know what it’s like being accused of a sex crime on national TV. Now we know why Gaetz left an empty Nestor in Panama City last week, and seemed disinterested in his day job as of late. Matt revealed that he was on a secret mission with his dad to create a sting operation exposing those trumped-up sex trafficking charges against him!

Scandals like these end up dragging many through the mud, by association. Look at poor Joel Greenberg, whose only crimes before being linked to Matt Gaetz were paying buddies with about $2 million in public funds, adding a drone force to the tax collector’s office, building bitcoin mining servers, and powering them on the public dime until he lit his offices on fire, pulling over speeders on a whim, smearing Muslims, stalking, libelling, defaming and impersonating people with stolen and forged ID’s... and sex trafficking and prostitution — allegedly. Speaking of Donald Trump, his non-disclosure agreements are the trash everyone expected them to be.

The Derek Chauvin trial continues. The verdict is obvious, but no one can guess what the sentence will be.