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Kagro in the Morning

May 23, 2014

CDC stats for 2010 (the last year available) cited in a routine newspaper report say 62 kids ages 14 & under were accidentally killed by gunfire. But my review of 2013 GunFAIL incidents are turning up many more. Greg Dworkin helps us digest that from a statistical point of view, and brings us around to the hot topic of Ta-Nehisi Coates' much-discussed writing on the topic of reparations. More angles on the Abramson firing.  A critic trades barbs with Charles Pierce over Glenn Greenwald. More about the wacko Sandy Hook denier/sign stealer. Revisiting the Senate wheel o' fortune. Georgia town bans sex toys, but loves guns. Figuratively. (I think.) Armando calls in to tie the reparations and Abramson firing issues together, and preview some upcoming writing on those subjects, as well as the odd cloud of issues surrounding the reviews of the latest Greenwald book. More conservative blowback on long gun open carry. AT&T to buy DirecTV. Drug cartel becomes lime cartel. Traffickers vs. vigilantes? Or private equity vs. traditional producers/labor? You decide!