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Kagro in the Morning

May 26, 2020

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David Waldman was a right-leaning pundit for weeks, but then he centered up the KITM microphone and he feels much better now.

This Memorial Day weekend, Donald Trump demanded churches open, went golfingtwitter-libeled, and went golfing, while America sailed past 100,000 dead from COVID-19. There will be a special place in held for Donald, unlike any has been held before.

The largest outbreak in the US will come from a church. So far the largest have come from prisons, nursing homes and meat packing plants. A North Carolina Hair Salon doesn’t like to see their kind coming around there.

Joan McCarter tells us 40% of US pandemic deaths are from nursing homes. The US is of course addressing this by making sure nursing home magnates are safe. Nancy Pelosi could draw red lines to protect the residents...

Missouri, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Vermont, Florida, Maine and Pennsylvania have been caught  cooking their books to get the best coronavirus results. Georgia admits that they are lying about testing, and now they’re just haggling over the numbers. Donald Trump wonders which “capita” people are complaining about... there’s like, 100,000 of them!

A white woman in Central Park strangled her dog (after giving it CPR) while setting up an appointment to have a black man killed by the police... Whoa there, internet mob! We must first decide on who should be the final arbitrator of who’s no angel here.

A white woman in Alabama thinks her feet don’t stink. At least, she knows the help shouldn’t go around acting that way.

Many white people are like that, and would prefer to stay that way, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Maga-boys will transition to greatness if that’s what it takes to reach their Trumpian ideal.