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Kagro in the Morning

May 28, 2013

Seems like the context of the IRS story is changing bit by bit. The White House tees up a filibuster fight over judicial nominations, preparing up to three appointments to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Since that was the court that stood the last century of recess appointments practice on its head, we discuss the background on that issue. The latest Washington Post entry from Walter Pincus was the jumping off point for a discussion of the Fox News/James Rosen branch of the story that began as a branch of the AP controversy. Armando joins the discussion and explains the differences, and we speculate on reasonable explanations for the Fox branch of the story. Also: have the budget battles impacted NOAA and the National Weather Service, or not? Depends who you ask, and how you ask it. And: the latest and greatest in Conservative Crayzee: Unskewed Polls guy says Obama made Nate Silver buy crack from Hitler during Benghazi, or something.