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Kagro in the Morning

May 29, 2013

Greg Dworkin was back with us, but only for today. Busy week for him! But he was on hand to discuss the Bachmann retirement, today's somewhat laughable Tom Friedman article, GMU's Center for Media and Public Affairs' analysis of Politifact, and the quarter to one-third of poll respondents who are routinely willing to agree to something crazy. Plus, his collection of "But" stories, which make a great point, but sounds funnier out loud than it reads. Afterwards, a broad gun issue roundup including: the nature of traditional media coverage of gun violence; a #GunFAIL report from Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day; a #GunFAIL alumnus & outspoken pro-gun lobbyist arrested in Utah; a local columnist's reaction to the gun-toting Utah teachers story; and a legal backgrounder on the situation in Illinois, where the state legislature has just days to come up with a replacement for its gun laws struck down by a federal appeals court. Wrapping up, we read what appears to be a real and genuinely-offered selection entitled, "Why Are Liberals So Rude to the Right?" No, seriously!