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Kagro in the Morning

May 29, 2020

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This morning Donald Trump tweeted. Then, he had the White House repeat the tweet. And then, David Waldman tweeted this... Why are we still nominating Joe Biden for president

Any people of any color with any brains will vote Biden in 2020. Some with a few reservations, and some such as the columnist Stephen M. Crockett Jr. and  Darwin H. M., @Darwin_Darko on twitter, who definitely have reservations and will definitely be voting for Joe Biden. 

In Minneapolis, an old work beef culminates in racism and police brutality, and death. Since nothing has ever been fixed, it all blows up again. Donald Trump goes for an appeal to his base, who, as in so many other circumstances, are deplorable. Trump can tell good people from thugs, but even the Oath Keepers don’t want him to say it so loudly.

Donald Trump hates his life. Worse yet, he hates everyone’s life.

Twitter flagged Trump’s glorification of violence, and probably also the White House’s glorification of violence today, so Ted Cruz might be regretting his timing on joining the war on Twitter. Ted probably regrets a lot.

Zac Fuentes worked for the Trump White House, won a 3 million dollar contract days after forming a company to provide masks to Navajo Hospitals. He sent them chinese knockoffs, naturally.

Some things are TLDR for KITM, but not for you!

Boogaloos aren’t backing off, especially now. Here’s an identification guide. William Barr wears Hawaiian shirts on his down time, but he’s been so busy with his official white nationalist endeavours lately, appointing a new prosecutor to probe debunked “unmasking” allegations.

Rod Rosenstein is a traitor. Let Uncle Blazer tell you how.