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Kagro in the Morning

May 31, 2024

Well, Trump’s trial jury decided to head into the weekend early, scuttling our chance to hear David Waldman vocally impersonate each member of the 118th Congress over the course of one KITM. Maybe next week.

TFFG earned another F last night. In fact, he earned 34 more. The question is, do all of those F’s finally take him to a big fat L? To us in the hoi polloi, it would seem apparent, but let’s stand back and let the experts think this through… Yes, at long last it does seem as if Donald Trump might not be an invincible outlaw, but only a grubby little two-bit crook to the press as well.

Of course you are now asking “How does this hurt Joe Biden?” Well, unlike Trump’s, the jury’s still out on that verdict. Piers Morgan and Marco Rubio are definitely going to vote for Trump now, but as Greg Dworkin and Keith Olbermann always remind us, a percent or two change might make a big difference. 

Meanwhile Samuel Alito continues to stand for a woman’s right to choose to support the overthrow of democracy.

Judge Aileen Cannon seems a little slow… Is it because she’s a little slow, or does it just seem that way?

Sadly for RFK Jr.’s VP pick Nicole Shanahan, in rich wack-job conspiratorial fringe circles, there’s only so many dweebs to choose from.

The key to peace in the Middle East might be an uprising from the middle.