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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 1, 2023

First of the month, middle of the week, and David Waldman is here to explain how that happened, and more!

Greg Dworkin flipped over his calendar page and noticed that election day is next week. The prognostication out there is foggier than usual, but it looks as if Democrats are doing well. 

Dems have two big governor races in Trump states, tough but doable. Kyrsten Sinema is at a distant third, but at least she seems to be taking Kari Lake votes.

Democrats want to see Joe Biden give ‘em hell. Republicans don’t care, about anything, but least of all any reality regarding Donald Trump. Trump allies plan to make any reality just seem like a wistful dream once they are back in control.

How stupid can Glenn Youngkin voters be?  We’ll find out next week. Democrats can now point to Mike Johnson as the “after” picture on what government looks like following a MAGA takeover. Mike Johnson is the kind of guy who would be sentencing Kelly Johnson to burn at the stake, back in the day.

Republicans manufactured a "crisis" and now they are ready to exploit it. Of course, already a few veins have run dry. James Comer is closing his Biden impeachment probe now that the money is tapering off. Even Trump’s protection racket isn’t what it used to be.